Sterlet Sturgeon Black Cavier ALBINO 4oz

Sterlet Sturgeon Black Cavier ALBINO 4oz

One of the rarest caviars on the market, the Albino Sterlet Sturgeon produces caviar with yellowish/white pearls that stand out from the rest.

Sterlet caviar is typically black in color and while color does not necessarily reflect quality or taste, however the white pearls add an extra exclusivity to this caviar.

Expect a pronounced rich flavor and a smooth finish with this selection. The pearls are a little smaller when compared to the Osetra and Kaluga sturgeons but have the same robust flavor

The Sterlet is one of the original wild Caspian Sea Sturgeon, alongside the Beluga, Osetra, and Sevruga. Very rare

Tasting Notes:

• Lightly iodized flavor
• Delicate texture, creamy
• Nice notes of sea, iodine flavor
• Subtle hint of salt
• Plenty of depth and richness
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