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Who we Are

The Story of absolute CAVIAR

We are Alex & Mariya, the Absolute Caviar Family. We got hitched in 2019 and have been a dynamic duo ever since. We have the cutest Pomeranian puppy named BoosBoos, that entertains us and shows us so much love. Alex enjoys woodworking on the side and Mariya loves the outdoors, always forcing Alex to join her on hikes and other outdoor activities. We welcomed a baby boy named Shai on November 1st, 2022 and can't be happier. We are very thankful for this addition to our family.


We have been in this business since 2010. Starting out of Alex's parents' garage, Alex gradually began learning the trade of Caviar. We provide service to high end restaurants, private chefs as well as cruise lines, hotels and mainly, our dear retail customers. We have succeeded in rigorously selecting, preparing and packing one of the most extraordinary foods in existence.


Alex opened his first retail location in West Hollywood where he served the community, near and far, with top notch caviar for over 6 years. In December of 2019, we moved to Sherman Oaks and in 2021 opened a second location in Beverly Hills, where we have happily been serving the community, expanding our business and counting our blessings. We love what we do, we devote all of our energy and attention to customer satisfaction, providing premium products and spreading the joy of Caviar to all the clients that we serve.

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