Ossetra Sturgeon Black Caviar RESERVE

This farm raised caviar is produced from a hybrid of Kaluga (Huso daricus) and Schrenke sturgeon (acipenser schrenke) and produces caviar that is large in size, light and glossy grains range in color from dark gray to light golden green and has an incredible delicate and buttery flavor with a slight hint of the sea.  
The best alternative to the Wild Caspian Beluga and cost affordable. The blissful marriage of Kaluga and Schrenke create a creamy, buttery, nutty with that a fabulous, famous burst of the sea. Simply Sublime!
Origin: Imported
Type: Farmed
Flavor: Buttery, delicate nutty
Size: Large
Color: Dark gray to light golden green
Species: Huso daricus, acipenser schrenke
Shelf Life: 3-5 Days Refridgerated

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